In recent years, there has been constant talk about afterschool programs. Though school education offers everything from academic support to mentoring, youth development, sports and recreation, etc. afterschool programs provide structured, supervised programming outside of school hours for kids. Reasonably, kids may need the benefits of an afterschool program more than ever due to the Covid19 pandemic. From online classes to social time, there is a lot to consider and many afterschool activities Dubai can offer to help.

Here they are:

1. Introducing a different kind of learning and skill-building

Even though schools make your kids fulfil their academic ambitions by providing course materials and preparing them to get good grades in their exams, there would still be room for enrichment activities after school and the many benefits.

For numerous reasons, many schools could only offer academic programs for their children. But, the parallels like afterschool activities Dubai are great destinations for kids to build skills. Afterschool programs can fill that void which the academic institute couldn’t provide.

2. Allow kids to make valuable discoveries

The good thing about school life is that students develop deep and meaningful relationships with the same set of friends although. However, the bad thing is that they aren’t getting out of their comfort zones or social bubbles much. Hence, with afterschool programs, children can connect with different students from other schools also.

There are many benefits to an afterschool program. Here, students can discover things they didn’t know about themselves. They can discover new skills and new friends in the form of minded peers.

3. Offer social time and social learning

One of the biggest benefits of any afterschool program is social time and relationship building. By being stuck indoors for almost two years due to the Covid19 pandemic, kids would be excited to go back to school and enjoy many afterschool activities. They would be waiting to connect and converse face-to-face with others.

The afterschool programs can provide the social outlet that many kids are craving. This experience can offer a deeper social focus because they offer the flexibility to dedicate more time to socializing while prioritizing learning.

4. Provide mental stimulation

When kids are out of school over the holidays, their academic proficiency might take a dip. Some kids might forget whatever they have learnt in the classroom. So, there is a thought that they might get hit with a slide in certain areas.

So, afterschool activities in Dubai can help keep kids sharp and maintain young minds stimulated, i.e., keeping brains hungry and creative by introducing new ideas and opportunities.

5. Instil confidence

Kids might earn excellent grades on their academic reports but, they need confidence where it counts. So, is the school education empowering them to maintain the same confidence although their life? Well, it’s not!

The studies showcase that, kids through an afterschool program, gain experience and build confidence in an area they want to pursue as a career. The afterschool activities Dubai like robotics or coding, instil confidence that may have a greater impact.

6. Allow for creativity

Being able to dream big and achieve them is a feeling like no other. But it takes a backseat if the kids’ creative expression hasn’t been taken care of properly. The afterschool program helps a lot in this kind of scenario.

So, afterschool programs can re-introduce creativity back into those essential daily routines, giving kids the outlet to innovate, explore, and build confidence again.


Effective afterschool programs bring many benefits to youth, families and communities as a whole. It can boost the kids’ academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, and promote physical and mental well-being.