If we look around us, more and more routine activities in life are becoming automated.  Ever noticed that we carry lesser cash in our purses now than before because we use payment cards practically everywhere?  A much larger proportion of our shopping is now done online.  At work, productivity has grown multiple times over in the last 3 decades thanks to laptops, mobile phones and the Internet.  No one remembers the times we used fax machines for sending documents, what was fast then, across cities.  Children are doing their homework digitally and submitting it through school portals, and learning is now also online.  So how does all this work?  There is some serious amounts of Computer Programming or Coding, as it is now known more simply, that drives all these digital devices and processes.  Suffice to say, Coding is a very important skill to have as move towards a fully technology-enabled future.

What is Coding

Coding is the language of digital equipment.  It is a set of instructions that tells a device what to do.  It has scenarios of various types on inputs, instructions for what to do with those inputs for a desired set of results.  The complexity of the language itself varies according to the device for which it is being used and for the problem that needs to be solved or a result that needs to be achieved.  For example, a calculator requires very simple language to make it work but then think of what it takes to make a rocket go to space and land on Mars!  And there is everything else in between that we depend on in our day-to-day life, be it ATM Machines, WhatsApp or selecting a burger at McDonalds.

Why is Coding important

Our children today have been born in a digital age.  They are learning their alphabet and numbers on tablets and iPads.  They know how to navigate through YouTube even before they can talk!  Their minds have evolved into intuitive thinking.  So it’s a good idea to start them young and get them enrolled in coding classes.  These will help them learn problem-solving and become innovative and creative thinkers.  In addition, having technical training in coding starts them on the path to a great career in jobs of the future. 

Coding Classes for Kids in Dubai

Science Xplorers have Computer Programming aka coding classes for kids in Duabai starting from 6 years old up to 16 years old.  Kids start with very easy to understand block-coding concepts and they gradually move up to Python which is the current coding language of almost all digital interfaces.  Classes are taught in an engaging manner as kids are set fun tasks such creating their own game and working in groups for mini-competitions.  This inculcates very strong foundations for creative thinking and problem solving. They also imbibe team work, communication and leadership skills in the process.  So if you are looking for the best coding classes for kids in Dubai, look no further.  Visit https://sciencexplorers.com/course/computer-programming/ for more information.