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Computer Programming

Programming skills for the future

About the course

Computer Programming | Level 1 | Ages 11-13 years


Who wouldn’t say 'yes' to play video games? Better than that, you get to create your own computer games. This workshop is specifically designed for children in the age group 11 to 13 years to make programming fun and easy for them. Each session starts with understanding an aspect of coding language and then exploring the ins and outs of creating games with Scratch. In addition to coding it illustrates the fundamentals of computer programming like conditional statements and vector art, as well as key skills of drawing, logical reasoning and problem-solving. By the end of this Level, they will have created their own video games to share with friends and family!
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Computer Programming | Level 2 | Ages 14-15


Our level 2 computer programming workshop is for children in the age group 14 to 15 years, and is based on Python. At this level students start acquiring skills that strengthen their programming foundation in a fun and exploratory way.

Python is extremely intuitive and can be used to create text and graphics games, quizzes, interactive artwork and much more. It is an ideal starter language because it is easy to write, easy to read, and is also used in the real world. Its practical approach makes it easy for children to learn and transform their ideas into applications. Python has been the fastest-growing programming language over the last 25 years, and it will continue to grow definitively well into the future. Those who learn how to code in Python from an early age will enjoy higher chances of making a successful IT career once they enter the workplace.
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Computer Programming | Level 3 | Ages 15-17


Knowing how the internet works has become a minimum requirement in all fields of work in today’s world. Having a strong base in programming would be a useful skill that could come handy anytime. Our Level 3 computer programming workshop for 16 to 17 year olds encourages them to learn to code in HTML and C++. HTML is easy to grasp and it takes less than an hour to create a basic website using HTML. In addition, they also get the chance to learn C++, one of the most widely used languages today. Learning C++ is considered as the gateway for learning all other computer languages. This workshop sets them on the path to becoming programming geniuses.
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