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Fantastic Physics

Learning physics through real life activities

About the course

Physics | Level 1 | Ages 11-13


For children of ages 11 to 13 years, we start with fundamental concepts of materials, matter, forces, energy and how they are measured. Each lesson in the workshop will have an activity with an example from real life. The activity demonstrates the concept and it is followed by a worksheet which explains it in a structured manner with questions and answers.
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Physics | Level 2 | Ages 14-15


Designed for the age group of 14 to 15 years, this program gets them to take our Xplorers knowledge base to a deeper level such as basic nuclear physics, wave forms, friction and velocity, mechanics and electricity. The workshops create a spark in their minds to know more and learn more.
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Physics | Level 3 | Ages 15-17


For the age group 15+ to 17 years, our Innovators program helps our young scientists take their knowledge and understanding to yet another level by learning the law of gravity, the theory of thermodynamics, magnetism, kinematics and quantum physics with practical models which make it more interesting and easy for them to understand even the hard-to-grasp concepts.
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