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Learning biology by understanding the logic

About the course

Biology | Level 1 | Ages 11-13


Educating children about basic biology at a young age is important because it teaches them how life forms are created, how cells within the body function, why are humans different from animals, the difference between male and female, and how we fit within the world around us. Our Biologic Xplorers workshops for children in the age group of 11+ to 13 years aim at helping them learn about basic biological elements and their functions through exciting projects and experiments in a logical structured format.
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Biology | Level 2 | Ages 14-15


Apart from creating solutions to the challenges many living organisms face, biology paves the way for inventions and discoveries that improve the quality of life. Without studying biology, humans would probably never realize how important maintaining a healthy eco-system is for themselves, animals and plant life. Our Biologic Investigators program is for children in the age group of 14 to 15 years, in which they will learn cell division, genetics, plant and animal biology concepts as well as environmental science.
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Biology | Level 3 | Ages 15-17


A strong foundation in Biology (and Chemistry!) in the last secondary school years sets the base for a good career in medical sciences. Our Biologic Innovators program is designed for the age group of 15+ to 17 years old. Learning sessions will cover academically critical topics like human anatomy, biodiversity, infections and pathogens, etc. through logically structured worksheets and demonstrations making them ready to take on the rigours of a medical degree if they so choose.
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