The post-school hours are terrible for most parents, as it’s the time kids throw their worst tantrums after a tiring day. The best way to get them refreshed and entertained is to indulge in exciting after-school programs that nudge their creativity and offer knowledge beyond their regular curriculum.

Many institutions in Dubai offer highly engaging after-school activities, ranging in varied fields. From STEM and robotics to art, dance, and music, there are many workshops you may get your kids enrolled in. However, as parents, you may find it difficult to identify what suits your kids and whether or not investing in such programs will benefit them. So, here’s a short guide that shall clear most of your confusion.

Are After-School Activities Necessary?

Instead of talking about the necessity of after-school activities Dubai programs, look at the enormous benefits they offer. It is crucial to equip tiny tots with every life skill possible in the fast-paced world. And, after-school workshops are immensely helpful in pushing kids’ learning a little further.

Following are some of the advantages of after-school programs in the UAE:

  • There are age-specific and diverse classroom settings programs, enabling kids to interact with peers and develop empathy, leadership, teamwork abilities, etc.
  • Kids get exposed to a variety of extra-curricular activities such as STEM, logic, math, robotics, science, art, dance, music, sports, etc.
  • The after-school workshops are a relief for exhausted working parents or homemakers.
  • When coupled with regular physical schooling, post-school workshops encourage students to get better grades and achieve commendable academic excellence.

How to Choose After-school Activities?

It is overwhelming to find what works best for your child with so many options around. Make sure to tick this checklist off before finalizing after-school activities Dubai for your kids:

  • The best way to start is to enrol your kids in a course that you believe is beneficial for them.
  • Understand if you want the kids to improve in their academics or involve them in additional activities and plan the admission accordingly.
  • The plus side of post-school activities is that parents don’t have to stick to just one stream. You may try various workshops, pick what intrigues you the most, and then progress further in mastering the skill.
  • In terms of finances, opting for institutions with different programs under one roof is wiser. Even if you wish to shift from one course of study to another, it won’t be that complicated.

Following is a list of the most popular after-school activities Dubai:

  • STEM – Science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, is highly popular amongst elementary school kids. It enhances their logical and critical thinking and improves their math abilities tremendously.
  • Art, Music, and Dance – Studies claim that these activities offer a ‘cross-brain experience,’ as they involve the heart, mind, and body together. Enrolling in these extra-curricular activities helps kids relax, refresh, and recharge.
  • Writing, Poetry, and Drama – This set of programs offers intellectual development and trains kids to creatively express their ideas, thoughts, and expressions.
  • Sports – Sports is an undeniably amazing activity to engage your child in. It is popularly known to improve young kids’ physical and mental health. Martial arts, cricket, soccer, basketball, tennis, and many other options are available to choose from.


In a nutshell, choosing appropriate after-school activities for kids involves:

  • Observing them and identifying what piques their attention the most.
  • Understanding what skills, they need at the moment to improve their academics and schooling experience.
  • Expose them to as many activities as possible to help them recognize their interests.

As parents, ensure that your kids are enrolled into fun-filled and entertaining after-school activities Dubai to avoid making it monotonous for kids. The UAE has several institutions that offer value-based learning in enriching environments. Check for your finances, time limitations, and the child’s interest to choose the best-suiting course of action for your family.