For many, summer camps Dubai are a cherished childhood memory. Summer camp activities can play a key role in building your child’s social-emotional and cognitive skills. Here, children learn new skills, make several new friends, and become independent. Most importantly it’s a place where kids can have fun, and be themselves!

Going to camp can be an anxiety-ridden time for both children and their parents. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your little camper and ensure that they have a great experience!

1.   Discuss the Camp’s Schedule

Before you head out to shop for things that your child may need, tell them about all the fun activities that’ll take place at camp. Going through the camp schedule in advance will also help you shop for any specific activities that your child is participating in. By discussing the activities with your kid, you can get them excited about camp!

2.   Get a Health Check-Up Done

If it’s been a while since your child has had an annual physical examination, schedule one before they head off to one of the summer camps Dubai. This will assure you that your child is healthy and fit to participate in all camp activities.

3.   Double Check the Packing List

Most summer camps Dubai will provide you with a packing list before camp officially starts. Go through the list in advance so that you don’t miss out on anything, and have sufficient time to get everything that your child will need.

Don’t forget some essentials like sunscreen, masks, and sanitizers. If possible, pack a disposable camera or polaroid so that your child can capture some priceless memories!

4.   Label Everything!

Everything that your child takes to camp with them, including water bottles, goggles, or a change of clothes, should have their last name on it. This will help both of you keep track of their belongings while at camp. You can use a semi-permanent marker or some iron-on labels to do so.

5.   Pack Medications

If your kid uses any prescription or OTC medications like tablets for seasonal allergies, or an inhaler, have an open talk with them about when and how to use them. You can also talk to the nurse at the summer camp about your child’s requirements.

Some summer camps Dubai may need you to drop off the medicines with the nurse. You can also talk to the camp counselor about any food allergies that your child may have.

6.   Ask How Your Child is Feeling

Going to camp can be both exciting and scary! Ask your child how they feel, and if they’re worried about something. Some kids, for example, may be anxious about making new friends. To boost their confidence, you can try role-playing with your child to teach them how to break the ice with kids their age.

If they’re worried that they’ll miss home too much, reassure them that everything will be fine, and ask them to focus on the fun new things they’ll learn at summer camps Dubai.

7.   Mentally Prepare Yourself!

Last, but not least, you’ll have to mentally prepare yourself for your little one’s big day. It’s alright to say goodbye to an unhappy camper, chances are they’ll forget about their worries within minutes of being at the camp! Also, when you drop off your child, don’t linger too long. Don’t worry, they’ll be in good hands!

Final Words

Summer camps Dubai, like Science Xplorers, offer the experience of a lifetime for your child. It’s natural for your child to be nervous for their first day at camp, but with these tips, you can alleviate their fears.