Demand for robotics services and robotics classes in Dubai and the Middle East is predicted to expand by 30% yearly over the next 15 years, as per DigiRobotics, a leading provider of autonomous equipment within the Middle East.

Robotics is a concept that allows students to learn about complex subjects such as programming and engineering in a fun and exciting way.

There are numerous advantages to exposing your youngster to this topic in today’s increasingly computerized environment. But let’s have a look at why children are gaining an increasing interest in robotics.

Reasons For Robotics Classes Demand in Dubai

  1. Lack of Skills in Labors

Most businesses that want to become fully automated aim to save money by eliminating unskilled labor, but robotics also necessitates the hiring of experienced, and thus higher-paid, engineers and maintenance personnel.

Svitlana Voznyuk, marketing manager at DigiRobotics, stated that nearly 200 factories in the neighboring country of Saudi Arabia, were planning to adopt robotics.

Another example is ‘Robo Café,’ which debuted in June 2020, offers a glimpse into the future. There really are no waiters or chefs at this cafe; all of the work is done by German-made robotics, who cook and bring the food to the customers’ tables. These robots are led by robotics engineers and that’s where the skills are at the summit!

  • Dubai is Always Growing

Dubai has been identified as one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, with a population increase of almost 500 percent in recent decades. Due to tax advantages, custom duty benefits, and no restrictions on foreign ownership, Dubai has become an international business hub, with several firms establishing operations here.

Dubai is a year-round luxurious tourism destination due to its mild temperature and ease of access from Europe. Dubai Metro stations are cleaned by robots. The robotic cleaner’s objective is to reduce the amount of water used in traditional cleaning while also providing purposeful sterilizing. These kinds of developments are driving the demand for robotics services in Dubai.

  • Enhances Creativity and Curiosity

Robotics can be a fantastic pastime for encouraging creativity and a curious mind, in addition to learning important problem-solving skills.

Robotics provides your youngster with a toolkit and challenges them to create something unique. With uniqueness comes the demand for work in every sector!

There are numerous areas to explore and discover after you have a basic understanding of robotics. It will provide them with the ideal environment in which to exercise their creative muscles, particularly if they are already inclined to construct things or have a keen interest in how things work.

  • Demand For Technological Future

Even if your child never takes to robotics and prefers things like art, sports, or humanitarian work, educating them a little about robots is still a worthwhile endeavor.

Dubai is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Many fields now require computer literacy, and 3D printing, drones, and sophisticated technology are becoming more widespread in diverse work situations.

Being acquainted with computers and technology of any kind is not only a plus for your child’s future, but it is also a requirement. With this in mind, exposing your youngster to different sorts of technology like robotics is critical.

Final Words

In our ever-changing technology ecosystem, it’s becoming increasingly important to introduce youngsters to robotics in a fun and engaging way. By doing so, you are providing them with a core skill set that definitely will come in handy in the future.

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