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From Building Blocks to Automated Objects

About the course

Robotics | Level 1 | Ages 5-10


While working in design teams, children will take on the duties of multiple engineers. They'll collaborate to develop and program the robots that will carry various tasks. Our LEGO®-based robotics classes are created by robotic control experts with a background in aerospace and physics, and they are a hit with kids! In our junior robotics classes in Dubai, we use a hands-on approach to STEM discovery. While creating and programming robots with their fascinating imagination, students learn important coding concepts. Step by step, we'll build a range of incredible LEGO® robots using a motor and a controller. The youngsters then bring their concept to life using a block-based programming language. It's educational, fun, and entertaining - the perfect combination anyone could ask for!
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Robotics | Level 2 | Ages 11-13


Using LEGO® in our robotics classes in Dubai, kids will learn about some of the world's best sites. They'll create and program robots that can withstand the heat of volcanoes while avoiding lava, climb steep slopes riddled with ice with just the right friction force, withstand the strain of the ocean while raising a periscope from its lowest depths, and more. Robotic animals are built and moved using LEGO® in this program, to help kids learn some basic concepts behind biology. Why do giraffes have such long necks? Why are there so many different kinds of fish? Why do cheetahs have four legs? The answers to all these questions and more will be unraveled by our little scientists in no time! Animal biology will be explored, and they'll also learn that concepts in physics like torque, traction, and angular velocity elevate robotics to the next level.
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Robotics | Level 3 | Ages 14-15


Kids use LEGO® robotics to build and operate space rovers that will take them on a journey through the solar system. As they virtually visit other planets in our galaxy, students will learn how to deal with gravitational changes, circle around structures, deal with the environment, and more. At the robotics classes in Dubai, they will learn how to apply their expertise to simulate a range of real-world challenges, as well as how parts, time, and other variables may all become key obstacles when working on a conceptual design.
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Robotics | Level 4 | Ages 16-17


What could be more fun than building robots with LEGO® Robotics? The kids will have to scale walls, wobble in waves, and even avoid a robot collision! The young teens will learn a number of important physics concepts that will help them overcome any obstacles they may face. They'll encounter many of the universe's laws and learn that in order for their project to function correctly, trade-offs can be the best bet.
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