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Chemistry Mystery

Chemistry demystified through fascinating experiments

About the course

Chemistry | Level 1 | Ages 11-13


Children have the most curious minds and they love to experiment! Whether it's mixing interesting concoctions in the kitchen, or watching the colors of the sky change, they love learning the meaning behind everyday things. At Science Xplorers, we give them all the tools to tap into that curiosity and get creative. Our online chemistry classes in Dubai are specially designed for kids aged 11 to 13 and are packed with fun-filled activities that stimulate the mind and get those creative juices flowing. Here, our young scientists will have the opportunity to learn all about the chemical reactions that happen in our day-to-day lives, and by the end of the online chemistry classes in Dubai, the mystery of chemistry is solved. Or is it? There's only one way to find out!
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Chemistry | Level 2 | Ages 14-15


Did you know that chemistry has its very own formula? A few tablespoons of enthusiasm, with a beaker full of the ability to organize all the processes correctly, and voila! You have the potential to ace the art of chemistry! Children will find our online chemistry classes in Dubai super fun and interesting instead of just reading about it in theory. Our little detectives aged 14 to 15 years, will be taught how to perform riveting experiments at home with the goal of understanding how elements react with one another to form whole new compounds! They will then use the compounds they created and watch how they react with another - a loop of continuous fun. From how atoms bond, acids, and alkalis to the vast world of hydrocarbons, electrolytic processes, and more fun concepts your kids will soon be equipped to crack any chemistry mystery they stumble upon, with our proficient online chemistry classes in Dubai. Looks like Sherlock Holmes will soon have some competition!
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Chemistry | Level 3 | Ages 16-17


In our Chemistry Mystery Innovators Course, our alchemists in the making get to book a date with organic chemistry, equilibrium reactions, and kinetics. In our fascinating online chemistry classes in Dubai, they get to learn the practical aspects of advanced chemistry concepts in the real world. Some of the world’s most stunning phenomena are unveiled, and our innovators of tomorrow are encouraged to learn and apply even the most complex chemical concepts. Bolstered with the practical applications of chemistry, our young students can use their knowledge to better the world through innovations in fields like medicine, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, petroleum, environmental science, and more! With online chemistry classes in Dubai designed by professionals, we aim to instill knowledge and skills in our students that will make them eager and ready to take on university-level courses, in a field that they love! The young leaders of tomorrow are here, to conquer the world with chemistry!
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