We combine both the practical and theoretical aspects of learning and present a fun-filled educational ride for your kids they’d love to explore!

Children grasp practical knowledge better than theoretical knowledge, especially when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Strong STEM concepts not only help them to excel in academics but also shape their learning skills. Do you think your child has the potential to succeed but is finding it difficult to cope? Is he/she curious enough to learn something new, but lacks interest in academics? What children need is a break from the monotony of the School-Homework-School again cycle. At Science xplorers we understand this. We offer a learning environment to have fun while augmenting and enriching their knowledge.

We work with highly trained and experienced educators with a combined experience of over 30 years to make sure children enjoy their learning experience by combining both the practical and theoretical aspects of study. We present a fun-filled educational ride! From creating jaw-dropping experiments to participating in mentally stimulating activities, they will walk away inspired by the power of science!

Our Philosophy

A lot has, and is, being said about the importance of STEM subjects, and why school-going children need to embrace these in readiness for the future. With the dire shortage of talent and skilled resources within these fields across the globe, it holds to reason that a STEM career would be a safe one, with high demand fuelling lucrative jobs.

There are currently more than a million job vacancies in the STEM industry, while at the same time only 16% of college students graduate in STEM fields or subjects [1] . Once again, STEM should then become a de facto career choice. Having a STEM background can make students technologically and mathematically astute and this helps students to grow and prosper in any career or field. This, in turn, impacts a nation’s capacity to innovate and thrive through its modern workforce. STEM is also needed for non-STEM jobs such as journalism, museum curation, and community outreach. Every job includes a financial aspect – math education can help in this. We live more and more in the digital age, so technology is important in all jobs.

This is where we at Science Xplorers see an opportunity to get school-going children interested in STEM. By appealing to their naturally inquisitive and exploratory mind, we teach in a fun but structured and logical manner that sparks a passion for the Sciences. Our methods instill a sense of inquiry and creativity among students, leading to an application-based, inter-disciplinary approach later in life, which helps achieve excellence across the board. We help them see how being involved in STEM disciplines allows one to be a part of creating the future.

[1]  https://coderacademy.edu.au/blog/people/why-is-STEM-education-important

How we create light bulb moments

Our Approach


Discover how things work


Develop problem solving skills


Learn science while having fun


Engage in solving real-world problems

Our Team

Our teaching staff are highly experienced educators with a combined experience of over 30 years. They have worked in reputed institutions teaching diverse age groups of school children. The millennial population is exposed to a constantly changing environment. It is estimated that 65% of school children today will be doing jobs in 10 years that don’t exist today. Keeping up with such change requires an ability to expand one’s knowledge exponentially and our teachers help our students do just that.

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