Education, these days, is moving beyond the traditional approach, with homeschooling and private tutoring growing abundantly across the world. Parents are adopting a mixture of physical schooling and homeschooling or tuitions to expand the possibilities of learning for their kids. The need for the best private tutors in Dubai is increasing due to the high demand for after-school classes or activities.

Whether parents choose private tuition or teach kids on their own, homeschooling has been on the grounds for quite some time. But with the ongoing pandemic, closed schools, working from home caregivers, and over-worked homemakers, homeschooling is the way to go.

If you wish to step into the world of homeschooling but wonder if that is your cup of tea or not, then here’s some short yet comprehensive information on how to go along.

Why Choose Homeschooling?

Conventional schools offer a very systemic teaching approach. The traditional concept of schooling might be suitable for some kids, while other kids might not fit into the box. And here’s where homeschooling steps in. Children are unique, and so are their abilities to learn. A one size fits all approach has long gone and is not going to help them grow efficiently. Homeschooling breaks this norm and allows students to learn at their pace.

Following are some of the core insights that make private tutoring or homeschooling more preferable:

  • Flexible timings, no dress codes, and lots of free play.
  • Self-paced, activity-based, and fun learning methodologies.
  • Child-led approach, enabling kids to discover their interests.
  • Multiple ways to grab kids’ attention to a subject they might not be good at.

How to Choose a Curriculum in Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is flexible. As parents, you can choose any curriculum that suits your kids’ learning environment. You may opt for the US, UK, CBSE, and Australian curricula or even select the best private tutors in Dubai who teach your preferred syllabus.

Here are a few tips:

  • Research the teaching approach, study materials, and core subjects in every curriculum.
  • Talk to other homeschooling parents and make notes on how you want to align your educating principles.
  • Make sure to opt for accredited institutions while choosing your syllabus so that you receive the necessary acknowledgments and paperwork after completion. It’ll be helpful when you want to shift your child to traditional schools.
  • Try aligning your curriculum with the State you reside in for better future opportunities.

Do Children Become Anti-Social in Homeschooling?

Never! The studies report that homeschooled kids outgrow their peers in academics and are pretty much social like any other child. For instance, if parents opt for private tutors as their homeschooling technique, then kids interact with their tutor and other students online, which counts in improving their social skills. Moreover, the best private tutors in Dubai ensure that students develop and grow from every perspective possible.

As parents, you may also include your kids in a regular outdoor session to allow free play and interaction with other children in the park. As said earlier, homeschooling is flexible; mend, blend, and use in the way you feel right.


Homeschooling is undeniably a great way to equip kids with necessary life skills and teach them concepts in ways that pique their interests. It is not mandatory that parents stick to either traditional or homeschooling. They can opt for a mixed approach and turn to both physical and online or home teaching methods. Otherwise, they may begin with homeschooling in the early years and later move on to conventional schools for better exposure.

In the end, it all boils down to how you want to educate your child. Measure the scenarios, look up what interests the kids more, and stick to that which feels convenient.