It is natural as parents and teachers you expect your kids to succeed. But, that’s not the case always for obvious reasons. Someone has to digest the failure for someone to enjoy success. However, kids are naïve to understand that failure is a good and crucial step on the learning path. Failure is an essential element of success, and not the opposite of it. In reality, whenever a failure occurs, the brain grows and develop in meaningful ways. When children accept and understand the concept of failure, amazing things can happen in their life. Hence, the foremost thing that you can teach your children is “acceptance of failure”. Many children are afraid to fail. So, instead of letting them fear failure, it’s crucial to help them see it as another learning opportunity as parents and teachers. Here are the skillful ways to teach your children about the gift of failure and how best private tutors in Dubai can help you:

Here are the 4 skillful ways to teach your children:

1. Focus on growth mindset

As you already know, developing a growth mindset empowers children and changes their reactions to failure. After making a mistake, children with an acceptance nature and growth mindset show a larger brain response than those with fixed mindsets. According to studies, they are also more likely to better their performance next time as a result.

Failure is unavoidable and part and parcel of everybody’s life. You can help your children fix it by focusing on what went wrong during the process and planning the next steps accordingly. However, children with growth mindsets will overcome their failures and turn them into positive learning experiences.

2. Let failure happen

As guardians, it’s hard to see your children fail, but, practically kids benefit from experiencing failure. In fact, the study says, many parents think that good parenting means preventing their kids from difficulties. The challenging experiences are the only way that kids develop problem-solving and specific coping skills. If you protect your children from adversity, vital brain connections cannot conceive.

The best private tutors in Dubai suggest that, as parents and teachers, you sometimes need to step back and allow children to fail. They will grow stronger and learn to deal with their fears. As they say, “Failure isn’t fatal.”

3. Embrace and celebrate failure

Failure is an excellent teacher for children. So, embrace and celebrate it in a positive way by making your kids understand that a new opportunity has come their way. Some ways to celebrate mistakes include:

  1. Giving children an opportunity to brag about their mistakes and what they learned from it
  2. Introduce those famous personalities to your children who failed in their life before tasting a success
  3. Giving your child a high-five each time a mistake is made
  4. Discussing the acronym for FAIL (First Attempt in Learning)

When children acknowledge failure as a stepping stone for success, it becomes appreciated rather than feared.

4. Explain the ‘Brain Science’

As discussed earlier, children worry about their failure in general, like always wanting an ‘A’ grade in tests or first prize in competitions, etc. The best private tutors in Dubai propose to discuss science-backed tips with your kids that helps them overcome them and let them realize that mistakes grew their brains.

For example, if your child fears making a wrong guess, tell them that making guesses is one of the great ways to learn the material. Let them understand that making a wrong guess they think is right; then being corrected is even better! This activity makes their brain recall the correct answer in the future.

When children figure out the brain science behind why mistakes improve learning, it becomes easy to get them excited about the probability.

The takeaway

Many times, parents believe their mission is to help their children succeed. But the fact is, kids need assistance in learning how to fail. Not learning to tolerate failure leaves children vulnerable to anxiety. Perhaps, it can make them give up trying. Hence, distress or frustration tolerance is an important life skill to master. According to the best private tutors in Dubai, building that skill set is necessary for kids to become more independent and succeed in future endeavors.