As parents we have all noticed how quickly times have changed in observing just how different toys and games for our kids are now, compared with what they were when we were kids.  Back in our day Lego and Meccano were simple building blocks and tools sets, completely mechanical.  Now they have evolved and come as sets with battery operated motors that can power a model steam boat, a race car or even a helicopter.  The  advanced sets come with coding circuits and simulators!  If toys are getting this futuristic, imagine how fast life around us and how we do things both at work and home, in our social and commercial environments is changing.  We all need to keep pace with this change and learn how to navigate our way through this fast-evolving lifestyle.  In order to do this, it is imperative that we give our kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) skills which will help them stay on-top in this technology-enabled world.

Best Robotics Classes in Dubai

How do we do this? Simple – find the best robotics classes in Dubai for kids.  This is where Science Xplorers comes in.  They have various programs starting at 6 years old going up to 16 years, in progressively advanced levels.  Each program is carefully curated and uses the latest Lego Education Sets as well as other supporting programming kits.  Kids start with the basics of Robotics and gradually learn their way up to complex programming which links to objects and makes them move to do specific tasks.

Fun & Engaging Robotics Classes

The Lego Kits we use can be programmed through a laptop or even a smartphone/iPad.  We create mini-competitions to stimulate kids to build better and better programs, make their robots to interesting movements and to think outside the box.  Creative thinking is rewarded and small wins build confidence in kids, urging them set higher goals for themselves.  They don’t know it, but they gradually become pragmatic achievers.

Robotics Classes Benefits

Enrolling your kids in the Science Xplorers Robotics Classes in Dubai will help develop several soft skills in them – these skills are nurtured through our programs sub-consciously and prepare our students for the future.  These include:

  • Problem solving
  • Creative and Intuitive thinking
  • Communication
  • Setting and achieving Goals
  • Team work

So look no further, contact Science Xplorers today and find out more https://sciencexplorers.com/course/robotics/